Michel was born in Amsterdam.

At a jong age it was already obvious that he had a great eye for detail and composition, being able to recreate objects he was fascinated with.

After his study goldsmith Michel started his own atelier/ workshop.

After a long period of working as goldsmith he wanted to pursue his other passion; sculpting and making art.

All of the skills he has learned during his years as a goldsmith have resulted in an unprecedented level of detail and quality in the finishing of his work.

He creates all the sculptures in a very dynamic way. The theme of his work is allways inspired by power and strength.
The objects he produces are awards, animals, iconic objects or famous pepole.

Michel also offers the possibility to commision a portret or something else you would like.

All pieces of art Michel makes are unique or have a very low production numbers.

Please notice the proces of making sculptures in this fashion is very time consuming and difficult, so it can takes time before it finished